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How Do Local Volunteer Leaders Share Post-Event Pictures/Success Stories?

We love sharing good news! Send us information about your latest event or success story and we will share it for you on our webpage and through followup emails.

How Do Local Volunteer Leaders Get In Contact with Volunteers?

Local volunteer leaders can get in touch with volunteers through email or Facebook. We will help collect all contact information and distribute it to the correct parties.

Do We Get To Choose What Cause We Volunteer For?

We customize our volunteer programs to make our volunteers feel useful and fulfilled. We also aim to utilize our volunteers' expertise to best benefit our program and their skill sets.

What Does The Time Commitment Look Like?

Volunteers can commit as much or
​as little time as they choose to the cause.

How Easy Is It To Get Registered?

Very easy! The first step contact us and we will send you a application. After you send in your appilcation, you will be put through a "CORI/SORI Check," which is required by everyone who deals with people. Once you have passed that check you will be officially certified and ready to help!

How Can I Get My Event On The Calendar?

We typically organize upcoming events with emails and Facebook messages. If you contact us here, we will make sure your event gets added to the calendar. Local volunteer leaders can share any training within their communities with other communities.

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